Marginal Books

Why eBooks?

Many people still like to snuggle up in bed or on a sofa with a book. Their argument is that they like the smell of the paper. 

It is certain in the near future, a Tablet will be released that has a little snout that can emit configurable musty smells. 

While we wait for the feature, eBooks will retain their advantages over printed books:

  1. eBooks are tree friendly!
  2. eBooks are universally accessible. They do not need transport for distribution. Less pollution. Lower price.
  3. eBooks are not limited in length due to publisher restrictions. Nor in content, title, price or cover.
  4. eBooks can be corrected and updated at any time. No need to wait for the next edition or errata lists.
  5. eBooks can contain audio and video clips (through links).
  6. eBooks can be easily searched.
  7. eBooks can be easily bookmarked without the unsightly bending of the corner of a page.
  8. eBooks can be easily annotated, line, shapes, comments.
  9. eBooks remove the middle man (no printing presses, publishers, distributors, bookstores, etc) giving the independent author more freedom for development.
  10. eBooks cost less to produce and publish. This is reflected as a lower end price for you, the reader.
  11. eBooks are immediately available for downloading. No time is wasted waiting for the shipment to arrive.
  12. eBooks are always available. You will not see an "out of print" or "currently not available" indicator for printed books.
  13. eBooks are lendable without fear of loss!
  14. eBooks are portable. You can carry more books than you can read in a year in your tablet, phone, laptop or USB drive.
  15. And you do not need elaborate plastic to cover the books. They do not spoil.

Do we need more reasons?