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UDEMY Course: Applied Monte Carlo Simulation

The Objectives of the Course

The course has 4 main objectives:

1) To present an 8-Step Framework for developing Monte Carlo Simulation models. This framework standardizes the identification of input variables and the identification and setup of the distributions needed to randomize their values. It continues to develop a standardized model with 1000s of scenarios. It completes the model by presenting around 5 useful statistical analytic techniques such as the frequency tables, the confidence intervals, the combo chart (frequency and cumulative frequency %) and such. 

2) To present detailed lectures on quantitative methods needed in simulation such as the generation and application of random numbers, fundamentals of probability and 4 applications of the Normal Distribution. 

3) To present in detail more than 10 commonly used probability distributions such as Normal, Binomial, Geometric, Negative Binomial, Poisson, Exponential, Beta, LogNormal, etc. 

4) To present 18 detailed and useful models. Amongst the presentations will be a variety of useful simulation techniques: shuffling to avoid bias, dual level simulation, different ways to replicate formulations, etc. All the above are supported by video lectures (replicated in the resources by the PDF format of the PowerPoint slides), all Excel models and related supporting material.  

Details of the Course

Charges: $24.99 is the list price

However, on a regular basis, UDEMY will post the course at discount prices. Review the site for such prices. 

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