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Technical Writing for Business and Engineering Professionals

Title               Technical Writing for Business and Engineering Professionals
Author          Akram Najjar 
Price              $6.99 
Published     January 2017 
ISBN               978-1-6423-7160-4
Size                245 pages (70,500 words) 
Language      English  

Pragmatic technical writing for practicing writers who need to apply effective methods. This eBook focuses on writing as a process. Writing can consist of a task covering a few days or a team based effort of a few months. Since some writing tasks are large, an appendix is included that covers some aspects of project management that apply to a writing project (other aspects of PM are outside the scope of this eBook).

The eBook commences with considerations related to writing: what is "technical", what are the risks and ethical considerations in writing. It then discusses the 9 activities in a writing process:

Activity 1: Identify and Understand Your Readers
Activity 2: Segment Multiple Readers
Activity 3: Identify Information Providers and Collect Information
Activity 4: Determine the Document’s Sequencing or Flow Modes
Activity 5: Develop the Structure of the Document
Activity 6: Develop the Content of the Document
Activity 7: Develop and Integrate Visual Aids
Activity 8: Review, Evaluate and Update the Document
Activity 9: Finalize or Create a Camera-ready Document

Having provided the technical writer with a framework, the eBook proceeds by discussing various skills and techniques needed when writing:

How to structure documents,
How to develop effective and efficient documents,
How to improve your writing skills,
How to improve your argumentation and persuasion skills,
The uses and misuses of language
How to make technology work for you

The eBook is supported by a set of folders that can be downloaded. These consist of workouts, templates, various examples and even original images that are too large to be seen properly in an eBook (which has to be viewed on wide monitors as well 7 inch tablets).

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Table of Contents

A Little Story about Robert Frost
Downloading the Supporting Files
Introducing Technical Writing
Ethical Considerations for Technical Writing
Writing Processes and Projects
The Writing Process (the 9 Activities in Phase 7 of a Writing Project)
Structuring: the Standard Components of a Document
Structuring: Developing the Structure of 3 Typical Documents
Writing Practices: Make your Writing Effective and Efficient
Writing Practices: Develop Clear and Easy to Read Page Layouts
Writing Practices: Improve Your Writing Skills
Argumentation and Persuasion: their Importance in Writing
Argumentation: Avoid Logical or Formal Errors
Argumentation: Avoid Poor Practices
Persuasion: Make Sure Your Attitude Does not Work against You
Argumentation: Guidelines and Good Practices
Language: Guidelines and Good Practices
Language: Standard Writing Usages
Technology: Create an Efficient Writing Environment
Technology: Guidelines for Using Word Processing Facilities
Technology: Recommended Office Technology Facilities
Appendix A: Technical Writing Project Principles
Appendix B: Templates for a Writing Project