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How to Plan a Project with Microsoft Project

TitleHow to Plan a Project with Microsoft Project
AuthorAkram Najjar
PublishedJanuary 2017
Size336 pages (63,000 words)

Not another book on Microsoft Project! How is this different? It only concentrates on planning activities. (The tracking of schedules, costs and earned value is developed in the companion eBook, Click Here). Through 141 workouts, it steps you through the planning of a project using Microsoft Project.

Microsoft Project is often used, lightly, to develop quick Gantt Charts and resource assignments. However, it has a rich panoply of facilities that the Project Manager can benefit from when planning his or her project. 

141 Workouts are supported by screen captures. These workouts are available with the purchase of the eBook. The download also contains a good number of useful templates and supporting documents.

Where can you Purchase the eBook?

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Table of Contents

This eBook's Companion
Downloading the Supporting Files
A Global Example - An Apology
Ready your PC for MSP
Plan your Project in 6 Stages
Setup a Generic Project to Pre-View the Facilities of MSP
Create and Use Templates
Configure Options in MSP
Use the Global Template to Share Components
Setup the Parameters for a New Project
Manage Project Calendars
CASE PROJECT: Prepare the Project File and Calendar
Customize Views and Tables (Tasks/Resources)
Create and Run Macros
Setup the WBS by Creating and Grouping Tasks
View and Customize Reports in MSP
Schedule Tasks: Enter Task Duration
Schedule Tasks: Manipulate Task Dependencies
CASE PROJECT: Setup the Schedule
Define Resources: Work (Labor and Equipment)
Define Resources: Material
Define Resources: Costs
Assign Resources to Tasks
CASE PROJECT: Setup Material and Cost Resources
Manage Cash Budgets via Cost Resources
Analyze Assignments: The Task / Resource Usage Views
Use the Work Formula to Adjust Assignments
Optimize the Project: Reduce Duration and Costs
Handle Multiple ProjectsTop of Page